MN Tech Diversity Pledge

MN Tech Diversity Pledge kicked off this week at Clockwork. Penumbra and The Brand Lab facilitated the workshop, opening the door for all of us to engage in "fearless conversations." This means creating safe spaces to discuss awkward and difficult topics about race, culture, implicit biases, etc. For me the "a-ha moment" was when someone shared that their company looks diverse, but still doesn't feel inclusive. So what does diversity feel like? And how do we evolve to be more inclusive? We can start by exploring our current culture - think about our actions, policies (written and unwritten), practices, behaviors, attitudes, and communications. What signals and messages are we sending? What do all of these things say about our companies and our brands? Do these messages reflect our core values? Let's start by auditing our company culture to identify strengths and areas of improvement!

Thanks to all who attended - I know we all took something very important away from the event.